Branch entry wins Stevenson Trophy

The Tiverton Branch display has won the Stevenson Trophy at the 2022 Devon County Show.

The Stevenson Trophy

Sue Francombe led the team and writes: “Team Tiverton, with their hive mind, put together a display on ‘Beekeeping on our area’ – the starting point was our rural, hilly landscape and some of the bee related things we do. Displayed at the Devon County Show, and will also be at the Mid Devon Show and Honiton Show.
Many thanks to Hilary for helping to bring it together (and write poetry) and to Lesley, Tracy, Malcolm, Clive, Chris, Katy, Ian, Norm for their contributions and others who helped with bouncing ideas around.”

The Tiverton Branch display

This display can also be seen at the Mid Devon Show on 23 July and the Honiton Show on 4 August.