Got a swarm?

Contact a Swarm Collector

Before contacting a swarm collector it is worth checking that it is Honey Bees and not other types of bees such as Bumblebees, Wasps, Hornets etc. The collectors below will not deal with anything other than Honey Bees. If in doubt check them against the identification chart below.

A honey bee swarm will typically look something like this
Malcolm Crook01884 82192707786 054892Willand
Tony Lindsell01884 84125707412 610502Uffculme
Baruch Livneh01398 361733

Malcolm Jenkins01884 258086
07969 872996
Derek Evans
01884 257726

Bryan Wright
01363 860135



  1. The above bee keepers will not in every instance be able to deal with all honey bee swarms, especially if the swarm is not easily or safely accessible from the ground, or if they have entered into a property where dismantling maybe needed to access the swarm etc.
  2. The decision about what action to take is that of the bee keeper alone. 
  3. Tiverton branch of DBKA is acting simply as a co-ordinating body; any arrangements are solely between the bee keeper and the member of the public who has the problem with the swarm.