Is it an Asian Hornet?

The Asian Hornet is not a native species to the UK and is not yet present, thanks to the vigilance of beekeepers and others, and the actions of the eradication teams when some were spotted over the past three years. As it is a major threat to honey bees we are keen that it does not become established, as has happened across much of Europe.

Our news pages will contain updates, as does the national and local press from time to time, but the information below and in the links should help you both to identify native, beneficial European Hornet and the invasive, destructive Asian Hornet.

Asian Hornet
Asian and European Hornet abdomen identification by the GB non native species secretariat
European Hornet

The key agency responsible for monitoring and destruction is the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat which provides information, identification sheets and an app for mobile phones.

Asian Hornet Action Teams (AHATs) have been set up in many areas of the country. The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) offers a useful FAQ page.

What to do if you identify an Asian Hornet

All sightings should be reported IMMEDIATELY to the Non-Native Species Secretariat either via e-mail with a photograph if possible to or they can be posted via their online form HERE

It would also be good practice to report this to us HERE if you are in mid-Devon, or to your local BBKA Branch and area Association as soon as possible.