What can you do to help?

  • Plant things that will flower over the four seasons, especially early spring flowers. 
  • Plan in drifts of single species/varieties because this saves the bees’ energy and attracts bees.
  • Avoid insecticides.
  • Don’t plant blousy double flowers/shrubs as they are sterile and have no value to insects. 
  • Plant a native hedge in place of a fence.
  • Provide water, preferably rain water in a shallow dish with something for bees to stand on.
  • Provide nest sites for wild solitary bees or allow parts of the lawn to be scrubby and longer. 
  • Mow your lawn less frequently and allow wild flowers to bloom and seed. 
  • Grow plants rich in nectar and pollen. Most bees are attracted more to purple, violet and blue which produce more nectar.